Audio Musings

My latest track on SoundCloud.

I produce electronic music for fun and pleasure. I am a French Horn player (I took more than 25 years off from this), and digital artist and use Reason with VCV Rack, my Access Virus b, and various Virus VST variants to create experimental compositions. These are my musings, technical writings and notes to self as well as bits of inspiration. Maybe you will find benefit from these as well. Your mileage will surely vary. I hope you find this useful, or at the very least, amusing. Cheers! 

Chris Mills, in New Zealand. 

17 September 2023
I've just added a "Buchla Notes" section under "Technical Notes" and have begun expanding on my "Automate Anything" page. 

In 2005 I was featured in the Electrode Records compilation called Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep with a very early piece of mine called "Sea Voyage." CDs are still available for purchase.